Friday, August 18, 2006

Hi, I am really new to this, and here it goes, Its Friday night and the final of Big brother is on which I have not been following the Big Brother but my 3 daughters have and its the final tonight so each of them have invited friends to watch the grand finale... I am surprised to say with about 12 kids in my living room its all quiet here!


Sharron said...

Your link works Sharon!! I chose this very same background for my blog when I expert though and, like you, I want to make it look jazzier whilst not having to pay out a monthly fee!!!! Looking good!
Who won BB by the way!!!!?
Shariliz from UKS(got a blog on blogspot but it's too whingey to publicise!!!!)

tracy-lihanne said...

well done on setting up your blog.
best of luck.

Sharon Franklin said...

Thanks, Kids have informed me that Pete won Big brother!

bumpybecky said...

well done on setting up your blog Sharon :)