Sunday, May 29, 2011

Charity shop find!

I got this mirror from a  charity shop for £4.99 and it is perfect for my kitchen hoping to paint it today ... please excuse the mess in the background and the light fittings I hate them! I so want crystal chandeliers just waiting to get them at a bargain price as I need two!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Dress

I made another dress! that a total of 7 dresses! I love this style of dress its so easy to make and very flattering to wear.

Monday, May 23, 2011

More Auction Bargains!

I was not planning on going to the auction last Thursday, there was only two items I liked one was a fire screen that folded down into a coffee table and the other was a narrow folding table but at 8.45pm I changed my mind  and took a race over and I am so glad I did as I got the fire screen for £5 the folding table for £5 too! I had been after a fire screen for ages but kept getting out bidded , I guess last Thursday night no one was wanting one!

Folding table which is perfect for my sewing machine, it sits nice and flat when folded down. I am thinking of painting it and either stencilling it or decoupaging the top with roses.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Painted photo frames

I got these photo frames from TK Max they were reduced to £3  
 I got this silver one in a charity shop for £1.99 it had a few scratches but I just loved the roses around the frame
The after Pics...  
Out came the spray gun and I painted them I used one for a photo of my son  before his hair grew long! I have yet to get a picture of his long hair as he avoids the camera :-(
I have mislaid my gold rub and buff tube, I put it somewhere safe it is so safe that I cant find it! I wanted to use them on the roses.

I used the rose one for my darling late partners photo which was taken few weeks before he passed away suddenly. I painted the frame mount that his photo was in as it was black with gold stripes around it..when I find the gold rub and buff  I will apply it on the roses,.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bathroom makeover

I also picked up two mirrors at the auction for £6! perfect for my bathroom! at the weekend I decided to do a bathroom makeover which was long over due
 My drawers unit the before pic... I hated the dark wood I bought it for £19.99 for both of them at argos 4 years ago.

  the other mirror that i got along with the oval one £6 for both of them, yes that is my leg in my painting clothes and crocs lol

The after pics, My daughter Rachel says the mirror reminds her of  the magic mirror in Snow White, 
"Mirror mirror on the wall, who in the land is the fairest of them all"

Charity shop bargain Glass jars for £1.29
 I also made these shelf sitters and plaque for the bathroom at the weekend.

My £2 bargain!

I went to the auction last week and saw this drinks cabinet and I thought it was perfect for storage and for my hall, the bidding started really low at £2 and I bidded on it and got it!!
 the after pic, 
I still need to re arrange the bits and pieces on top of it it went perfect with my £12 mirror another bargain!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bracelet and Earrings

I made the bracelet and earrings to go with the Rock dress,  I have now removed the skull with wings, so that I can continue to wear it , there is mini skulls and music notes on the bracelet, and I could get away with wearing the earrings on a casual basis as the mini skulls are not noticeable. :-)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wallet from my DS jeans

 My DS ripped his favourite jeans last week, I felt I could do something with them, so when he asked me to make him a wallet and the jeans was perfect for it! I used .noodle-head' s tutorial
I used the pocket linings and unpicked the size label and sewed it back onto the wallet it made my son laugh, he was panicking because he thought I was going to use his shirts!! which is too small for him and he keeps saying they are not and insist on wearing them and knows that I am patiently waiting for him to finally give them up as they are gorgeous checked cotton prints!! 

Friday, May 06, 2011

My baby twin daughter looking all grown up

It was my youngest twin daughter's formal tonight, it brought a tear to my eye to see her all glammed up! and  it is the last of my three daughters to dress up for a formal...

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cushion covers

I started off making a gingham patchwork quilt covers and failed miserably and ended up with these heart cushion covers for the sofa in my kitchen. I made them envelope style as I had no zips, I cut the heart fabrics using the cricut, I realise now I should have used wadding on the squares, but overall I am pleased at how they have turned out as I think they compliment the other two flag cushion covers I had made last month.
 The smaller cushions were filled with Ikea's 70pence cushions so overall the five new cushion covers cost me £1.40 and fabric from my stash which I had hoarded over the years!!

I found a forgotten fabric stash in the back of the hot press!!

I am doing the happy dance!!! 

I cleared out the hot press yesterday and there is a bag stuffed at the very back top shelf, usually I just leave it there but yesterday I got a stool and got it to see what was inside it, I actually shook when I saw what was in the bag!!  It was these gorgeous fabrics!! I remember now buying them about 9 years ago from a USA eBay seller very cheaply as the £ was strong, with moving house twice I do not know how I could have forgotten about this stash!!

I am so excited I think I am going to make a quilted ken wood mixer cover with the Gingerbread one!

Monday, May 02, 2011

My Rock dress

I found a pic of me wearing the dress, made this dress using the top part of New Look 6980 dress pattern and the bottom part of New look 6966 dress pattern. I loved wearing this dress to a dear friends DH 50th which was Rock Themed. It was a great night out and the music was fantastic! ( rock chick in my teens and a closet one now lol)  I am too old to wear it as as  a dress as my DS so eloquently put it it I must be going through a mid life crisis if I think skulls and crossbones is lovely and that it would give him nightmares lol!! I also made earrings and bracelets to match the rock theme, I will try and take a photo of the jewellery.