Thursday, October 15, 2009

Easy way to turn out Sock Monkey tail and arms

I am addicted to making the sock monkeys but  I didnt enjoy turning out tails and arms and stuffing them as it is fidgetty, then I remembered years ago when I made a raggedy doll I was shown how to turn out the skinny legs and tried it with the sock monkey and it worked!! I tried it to stuff it using the hollow tube and found it so much easier and quicker!  I thought I would share it with you. I hope the pictures and my instructions is be easy to follow.

supplies needed one hollow tube,mine is about 19mm and a stick

step one                                                                      
hollow tube and stick


Step two
cover the hollow tube with the inside out arms or tail

step three                                                                 
push the wooden stick into the hollow tube                    

Step four
The stick turns the arm inside out as it comes out the other end of the tube.

step five
the arm coming out of the tube

step 6
the arm now out of the tube

step seven
push the hollow tube back into the turned out arm

step eight
Push the stuffing through the tube into the arm bit by bit (dont fill the whole tube) until you feel the arm is stuffed  move the tube and stuff another wee bit and keep going till the whole arm is filled.

Finished arm!


Anonymous said...

Sharon -Good idea - wish I could get my fingers working to make one of these monkeys.

Love your're so clever with design and colour.

(p.s. can you please pm me on mse............seem to be having problems replying to pm's sent to me.

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