Sunday, November 08, 2009

Twilight book marks/paper clips

I was bored tonight as X factor is on and the kids are watching it, so thought I would make this for my Daughters as they are mad on Twilight! and they are book readers. I got this idea from rainmacs i do love the quote "The Lion fell in love with the lamb" now looking for a picture with the quote that is one of my Daughters favourite " Only a vampire can love your forever"

looking at the photos above I really need to give my craft desk a good scub!!!

since I posted it I found "be safe" font here so was able to make another paperclip/bookmark using my daughters favourite quote

Note to self ......scrub the desk!


craftygranny said...

How fab are those i bet your girls will love em.

Rainmac said...

They are gorgeous, you're very clever x

Jordan said...

They are gorgeous - i wish i was your daughter :D So pretty xx