Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bags and purses

One of my twin daughter is away to Cyprus for two weeks I made her a wash bag, make up bag and a small wristlet pure that can hold her Ifone,  luggage tag and a passport cover. The passport cover is not shown as she took it before I could photograph it will get a pic of it when she gets back from her holidays!
The washbag was lined with pink shower curtains which I got from poundland!

She loved the purse and mobile holder as it is perfect for her holidays, it took me a while to work this one out as the first one I made was too small, it fits my phone so I drew a template of her I phone and using  combined tutorials of make up bags etc I got this one and I am pleased with it and my other twin DD wants one for her holidays next month! she chose a completely different fabric from my stash.
 first one was too small, it fitted my phone.
  after drawing a template and working round the size of her phone, I made this one for her and she loved it said it was the best invention ever to carry her phone inside her purse for her holidays with the choice of keeping the wristlet on or off and it is quite comfy to hold in your hand. 


PootleFlump said...

They look brilliant. Ive never seen a purse and a phone holder in one before. Nice idea! x

Highland Monkey's said...

Gorgeous material. What a clever idea a purse and phone carrier in one. Clever idea using a shower curtain for the lining of the bag.

greenthumb said...

What ahold mum you are, I bet she loved them, hope she has a great time.