Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bathroom makeover

I also picked up two mirrors at the auction for £6! perfect for my bathroom! at the weekend I decided to do a bathroom makeover which was long over due
 My drawers unit the before pic... I hated the dark wood I bought it for £19.99 for both of them at argos 4 years ago.

  the other mirror that i got along with the oval one £6 for both of them, yes that is my leg in my painting clothes and crocs lol

The after pics, My daughter Rachel says the mirror reminds her of  the magic mirror in Snow White, 
"Mirror mirror on the wall, who in the land is the fairest of them all"

Charity shop bargain Glass jars for £1.29
 I also made these shelf sitters and plaque for the bathroom at the weekend.


hart44 said...

I love your bargains and the make-over is amazing :) well done :)

Amanda Lightfoot said...

Loving all your makeovers. You'd be in heaven with all the yard sales here lol!! x

Anne said...

haha, love the bath sign, might have to install one myself!

Highland Monkey's said...

Love your make over and bargains. The signs are brilliant.

gf said...

Your makeovers are simply fantastic,well done.

Julie (elysia2003) said...

Wow - what a talented lady you are! I love all the things you've done.

Julie xxx