Sunday, May 22, 2011

Painted photo frames

I got these photo frames from TK Max they were reduced to £3  
 I got this silver one in a charity shop for £1.99 it had a few scratches but I just loved the roses around the frame
The after Pics...  
Out came the spray gun and I painted them I used one for a photo of my son  before his hair grew long! I have yet to get a picture of his long hair as he avoids the camera :-(
I have mislaid my gold rub and buff tube, I put it somewhere safe it is so safe that I cant find it! I wanted to use them on the roses.

I used the rose one for my darling late partners photo which was taken few weeks before he passed away suddenly. I painted the frame mount that his photo was in as it was black with gold stripes around it..when I find the gold rub and buff  I will apply it on the roses,.

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Amanda Lightfoot said...

Lovely as always Sharon. Don't forget to share when you find your rub and buff!!